Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its November!!! For my lil sister Najwa Haryani

This entry is for my beloved lil sis Nard_wawa for her big day coming up on 27th Nov 2010

Banyak kenangan kami bersama as we only had 2 years different.. that means up to now we had been together 25 years...

- Bilik mmg dr dulu shared oleh kami berdua (pasni xley dah but still i need that room on my day as well.. huhuhuhu),
- baju dulu2 selalu corak sama (size je lain ye la aku kan kakak jadi besar sket la),
- barang2 pun jenis yang same (itu wajib kalau x nanti majuk) ,
- main same2 kene marah pun same2 (tapi die slalu wat muke kesian n die adik so byknye aku yang kene.. hehehehe),
- sekolah kat tmpt yang same (huhuhu wajib la kan adik beradik tp nawwar (3rd sister) beza jauh sgt jadi skolah lain),
- nangis dalam bilik same2 bile ade prob (sedih kan dik)
- ketawa same2 bile happy (suke kan)
- nyakat each other dr kecik (tp kecik2 die ni garang slalu xmo kawan aku bile jumpe geng)
- bercerita smpai pagi2 bute (end up bgn lmbat kene kejut ngan abah n mama)
- bertekak bende yang merepek2
- membebel pasal sape yang selerakkan bilik (tapi hang la yang selalu selerakkan, admit it dik, tp pastuh kite kemas same2 kan.. hehehehe)
- simpan rahsia same2 (dulu2 je la kan.. now ade ke *wink*)

and banyak lagi la.. x teringat dah la ni..

To Adik,
Go and fly as far as you can go.. its no turning back.. And u will always know that the whole family are behind you how good how bad of u. U still have us. We love you very2 much... You are still my lil sister forever and ever.

For u dear - by Kristine Anna Usselman, USA

My Little Sister

I Don't know where to start,
because I don't know when there will be an end.
Almost all of my life we've had each other.
We've laughed together,
Cried together,
Yelled at each other,
And lied to each other.
But there is another thing, too.
I'm not so blind to see,
How much you are like me.
In my heart I know that everything I do,
Will somehow have an effect on you.
I try so hard to always set a good example,
But I know in the past I have given you bad samples.
Life isn't easy,
And when it's not,
I wanna be there to guide your way with you.
When I'm torn between choices,
I always wonder how each one might effect you today.
I know there've been times when maybe I did the wrong thing,
But now I can really see just how careful I need to be.
You'll make mistakes,
Take the wrong road instead of the right,
But don't ever let people tear you down,
Always put up a fight.
Most of all I want you to know,
That no matter where I am,
What I'm doing,
Or who I'm with,
If you are in trouble in life,
I'll drop everything, and be there in seconds to give you my advice.
I want to say I will end this message with something special,
But it would be a lie,
Because there will never be an end,
What we have together will never die.

And 1 more: by Tara J. BARKER

Little Sister

You are my guiding star
You are my shining light
You are my everything
what helps me through the night.
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my savoir
what makes me feel whole.
You are more than my sister
You are my best friend
You are the one that will be there
when my heart needs to mend.
I love you sister
more than you will ever know
You are my other half
with you i am whole

Last but not least:

Love u so much Adik..

p/s: akk bagi adik pakai bilik 6 bulan je tau.. pakai puas2 naa.... hehehehe.. :P


hunny d bunny said...

sob sob sob.... I lap u oso

Nadia Harnisa said...

Lap u more

Zero2Hero said...

i lap lap lap too...

Zero2Hero said...

alo lo lo loh....bestnya ada akak mcm hg nih...
tersebak aku baca...

Najwa said...

thank you ya.. aritu dah msg tak masuk lak..

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