Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"to me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word. end is the only part of the word" Friends is very important to me after MY FAMILY.. I am very lucky because im always meet the good friends that really make my day. But for sure i had met the 'unchemistry' friends that end up with lost contact. Maybe they are good with somebody else but not for me. But who cares as i do have the friends that really there for me anytime anywhere as they always in my heart.. (chewah jiwang plak). Mama kata biar depa wat jahat dengan kita tapi jangan balas.. Biar Allah yang balas.. Yang ada dengan kita, kita wat baik2.. Rindu mama lak.. :(.. But its true.. Lets the negative thought, feeling n assumption comes from them not us.. If they create a distance with us let it be.. We do have our own people that we need to take care of.. Dah orang taknak kawan xkan nak paksa kan.. I am not worth to friend with i guess.. hu hu.. And i do like a qoute from my friend, zaza's mom.. Orang yang gelak kuat ni x busuk hati.. Haha.. Although its not convincing enough for anyone else but i do have my own evidence that convience me enough for that little thought.. But i really care and love my friend that surrounded me with their care and love.. Love u guys.. If i need to mentioned here the list will go like woosh.. on and on and on.. But i do have my BFF that i would like to mention their name here is Fara n Hassan.. Thank you for everything guys...

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a start..

To fill my free time..
To answer my colleagues enquiries 'why dont u have your own blog..'
To my own satisfaction..

Here it is..
My own blog all by my self.. Hehehe..

Hope i do have time to do the updating.. See Ya.. :)
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