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10 ways to help your child perform better in school

shutterstock 91873031 10 ways to help your child perform better in school
Help your child perform better in school by maximising her potential.
Do you feel that something is amiss with your child’s performance in school? And more importantly, is there anything you can do about it?
Alan Yip — the founder and peak performance coach of MINDEDGE — shares with you 10 ways to help your child perform better in school.

1. Find out what’s going wrong

One major source of poor performance is the feeling of discouragement experienced by a child.
He may feel that, no matter what he does, no matter how hard he tries, he is bound to fail or never be good enough to gain either his teacher’s or his parents’ approval.
Here are some things to keep in mind to help your child perform better in school:
- Assess which subjects seem to be the ones that your child needs help with. You can also ask your child how he thinks he is doing in school  in these subjects and use “active listening” with a patient and nurturing attitude.
- Examine other factors that may have contributed to the poor results. For instance, poor study tactics, poor memory, poor concentration, non-conducive study environment or unhappiness all contribute to poor performance in studies.
- If he has had tutoring for quite some time (months and years) but has not been producing significant improvement, the areas to examine are his attitude towards learning and his study habits.
perform1 10 ways to help your child perform better in school
Tutoring is pointless if your child is unhappy with her tutor
- Constantly work with your child to find out what’s going on — if he is happy with his tutor, whether he is facing any physical discomfort (could be having headaches due to eyesight problems) and other possibilities.
Parents get frustrated when their child does not produce results after investing time, money and effort in sending him to enrichment and tuition programs.
But often they also overlook the fact that the child may simply lack the know-how to study, in which case he might be simply going through the motion of endless tuition sessions without really benefiting in a way that works for him.

2. Avoid labelling

Have you unknowingly labelled your child with negative tags which were perhaps meant to spur him on to work harder?
No matter how well-intentioned, calling a child “stupid” or “lazy” repeatedly cause him to start believing this and thus, he will give up or not bother to put in any effort.
perform2 10 ways to help your child perform better in school
Help your child perform better in school by avoiding labelling.
Here are some other commonly used labels that only serve to reinforce the negative behaviours associated with such traits:
- “She is a slow learner”
- “She is shy”
- “She always fails Chinese”
- “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you get better results?”
- “You are useless”
The irony in this psychology is that in using a negative label such as “shy”, parents are actually motivating their child to be shy.
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